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    Interpret missing kCBMsgArgResult as success. (#5) · 07787027
    ccollins476ad authored
    This commit addresses a panic that occurs in older versions of MacOS
    (tested with 10.11.5).  The problem occurs because, on this machine, the
    DiscoverDescriptors response lacks a `kCBMsgArgResult` field.  This
    missing field must have gotten fixed in a subsequent version of MacOS.
    Here are the contents of the DiscoverDescriptors response:
    map[kCBMsgArgCharacteristicHandle:17 kCBMsgArgDeviceUUID:3e8e65b72da94f70bbbe2d8f1a2524ee kCBMsgArgDescriptors:[]]
    The fix is to treat a response that lacks the `kCBMsgArgResult` field as
    indicating success.  That is, pretend `kCBMsgArgResult` is 0.
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