Commit 7bae0d6f authored by Heiko Schocher's avatar Heiko Schocher Committed by Andreas Bießmann
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arm, at91, wdt: make timeout configurable

make the HW WDT timeout configurable through the define
Signed-off-by: default avatarHeiko Schocher <>
parent 2b8b38ea
......@@ -1257,6 +1257,9 @@ The following options need to be configured:
SoC, then define this variable and provide board
specific code for the "hw_watchdog_reset" function.
specify the timeout in seconds. default 2 seconds.
- U-Boot Version:
If this variable is defined, an environment variable
......@@ -30,7 +30,11 @@
#define ticks_to_ms(t) (((t + 1) * 1000) >> 8)
/* Hardware timeout in seconds */
#if !defined(CONFIG_AT91_HW_WDT_TIMEOUT)
#define WDT_HW_TIMEOUT 2
* Set the watchdog time interval in 1/256Hz (write-once)
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