Commit 4029dc3c authored by David Mondou's avatar David Mondou
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Fixed compile error for Vesta-300

parent 149a7358
......@@ -313,7 +313,7 @@
"boot_chk_kernel_prev=if itest.b *loadaddr_3 -eq 31; then setenv mmcpart ${alt_kernel_location}; fi;"
"run boot_counter; run spiboot;\0"
"run boot_counter; run spiboot;\0" \
"boot_counter=sf probe; sf read $loadaddr 0xe0000 1; if itest.b *$loadaddr -eq 0; then run boot_count_good; elif itest.b *$loadaddr -eq 99; then run boot_count_bad; else run boot_count_inc; fi\0" \
"boot_count_inc=if itest.b *$loadaddr -eq 3; then mw.b $loadaddr 99; elif itest.b *$loadaddr -eq 2; then mw.b $loadaddr 3; elif itest.b *$loadaddr -eq 1; then mw.b $loadaddr 2; fi; sf update $loadaddr 0xe0000 1; run boot_count_good\0" \
"boot_count_bad=sf read $loadaddr 0xf0002 2; run boot_chk_kernel; run boot_chk_fs\0" \
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