Commit 39086861 authored by Mick Michalski's avatar Mick Michalski
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Changed environment variables for booting into different partitions

parent 84adc370
......@@ -269,11 +269,16 @@
"fi;\0" \
"spiboot=run uboot_scr; run spi_load; run spi_args; bootz ${loadaddr} - ${fdt_addr};\0" \
"spi_args=setenv bootargs console=${console},${baudrate} root=${mmcroot};\0" \
"spi_load=sf read ${loadaddr} 0x210000 0x800000; sf read ${fdt_addr} 0x200000 0x10000;\0" \
"spi_load=sf read ${loadaddr} ${kernel_addr} 0x800000; sf read ${fdt_addr} ${kernel_fs} 0x10000;\0" \
"uboot_scr=sf probe; sf read ${loadaddr} 0x100000 0x801000; source;\0" \
"boot_chk=sf probe; sf read ${loadaddr} 0x100000 2; run boot_chk_kernel; run boot_chk_fs\0" \
"boot_chk_fs=if itest.b *(${loadaddr}+1) -eq 31; then setenv mmcroot /dev/mmcblk1p3 rootwait rw; fi\0" \
"boot_chk_kernel=if itest.b *${loadaddr} -eq 31; then setenv kernel_fs 0xa00000; setenv kernel_addr 0xa10000; fi\0" \
"kernel_addr=0x210000\0" \
"kernel_fs=0x200000\0" \
"run spiboot;"
"run boot_chk; run spiboot;"
/* Miscellaneous configurable options */
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