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dm: Update documentation to include CONFIG_DM... options

Add documentation for the various driver model options that are now
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......@@ -623,6 +623,120 @@ The following options need to be configured:
exists, unlike the similar options in the Linux kernel. Do not
set these options unless they apply!
- Driver Model
Driver model is a new framework for devices in U-Boot
introduced in early 2014. U-Boot is being progressively
moved over to this. It offers a consistent device structure,
supports grouping devices into classes and has built-in
handling of platform data and device tree.
To enable transition to driver model in a relatively
painful fashion, each subsystem can be independently
switched between the legacy/ad-hoc approach and the new
driver model using the options below. Also, many uclass
interfaces include compatibility features which may be
removed once the conversion of that subsystem is complete.
As a result, the API provided by the subsystem may in fact
not change with driver model.
See doc/driver-model/README.txt for more information.
Enable driver model. This brings in the core support,
including scanning of platform data on start-up. If
CONFIG_OF_CONTROL is enabled, the device tree will be
scanned also when available.
Enable driver model test commands. These allow you to print
out the driver model tree and the uclasses.
Enable some demo devices and the 'demo' command. These are
really only useful for playing around while trying to
understand driver model in sandbox.
Enable driver model in SPL. You will need to provide a
suitable malloc() implementation. If you are not using the
full malloc() enabled by CONFIG_SYS_SPL_MALLOC_START,
consider using CONFIG_SYS_MALLOC_SIMPLE. In that case you
must provide CONFIG_SYS_MALLOC_F_LEN to set the size.
In most cases driver model will only allocate a few uclasses
and devices in SPL, so 1KB should be enable. See
CONFIG_SYS_MALLOC_F_LEN for more details on how to enable
Enable driver model for serial. This replaces
drivers/serial/serial.c with the serial uclass, which
implements serial_putc() etc. The uclass interface is
defined in include/serial.h.
Enable driver model for GPIO access. The standard GPIO
interface (gpio_get_value(), etc.) is then implemented by
the GPIO uclass. Drivers provide methods to query the
particular GPIOs that they provide. The uclass interface
is defined in include/asm-generic/gpio.h.
Enable driver model for SPI. The SPI slave interface
(spi_setup_slave(), spi_xfer(), etc.) is then implemented by
the SPI uclass. Drivers provide methods to access the SPI
buses that they control. The uclass interface is defined in
include/spi.h. The existing spi_slave structure is attached
as 'parent data' to every slave on each bus. Slaves
typically use driver-private data instead of extending the
spi_slave structure.
Enable driver model for SPI flash. This SPI flash interface
(spi_flash_probe(), spi_flash_write(), etc.) is then
implemented by the SPI flash uclass. There is one standard
SPI flash driver which knows how to probe most chips
supported by U-Boot. The uclass interface is defined in
include/spi_flash.h, but is currently fully compatible
with the old interface to avoid confusion and duplication
during the transition parent. SPI and SPI flash must be
enabled together (it is not possible to use driver model
for one and not the other).
Enable driver model for the Chrome OS EC interface. This
allows the cros_ec SPI driver to operate with CONFIG_DM_SPI
but otherwise makes few changes. Since cros_ec also supports
I2C and LPC (which don't support driver model yet), a full
conversion is not yet possible.
** Code size options: The following options are enabled by
default except in SPL. Enable them explicitly to get these
features in SPL.
Enable the dm_warn() function. This can use up quite a bit
of space for its strings.
Enable registering a serial device with the stdio library.
Enable removing of devices.
- Linux Kernel Interface:
......@@ -3881,6 +3995,11 @@ Configuration Settings:
Pre-relocation malloc() is only supported on ARM and sandbox
at present but is fairly easy to enable for other archs.
Provides a simple and small malloc() and calloc() for those
boards which do not use the full malloc in SPL (which is
Normally compressed uImages are limited to an
uncompressed size of 8 MBytes. If this is not enough,
......@@ -750,19 +750,43 @@ device pointers, but this is not currently implemented (the root device
pointer is saved but not made available through the driver model API).
Things to punt for later
SPL Support
Driver model can operate in SPL. Its efficient implementation and small code
size provide for a small overhead which is acceptable for all but the most
constrained systems.
To enable driver model in SPL, define CONFIG_SPL_DM. You might want to
consider the following option also. See the main README for more details.
- SPL support - this will have to be present before many drivers can be
converted, but it seems like we can add it once we are happy with the
core implementation.
That is not to say that no thinking has gone into this - in fact there
is quite a lot there. However, getting these right is non-trivial and
there is a high cost associated with going down the wrong path.
Enabling Driver Model
For SPL, it may be possible to fit in a simplified driver model with only
bind and probe methods, to reduce size.
Driver model is being brought into U-Boot gradually. As each subsystems gets
support, a uclass is created and a CONFIG to enable use of driver model for
that subsystem.
For example CONFIG_DM_SERIAL enables driver model for serial. With that
defined, the old serial support is not enabled, and your serial driver must
conform to driver model. With that undefined, the old serial support is
enabled and driver model is not available for serial. This means that when
you convert a driver, you must either convert all its boards, or provide for
the driver to be compiled both with and without driver model (generally this
is not very hard).
See the main README for full details of the available driver model CONFIG
Things to punt for later
Uclasses are statically numbered at compile time. It would be possible to
change this to dynamic numbering, but then we would require some sort of
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