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SWUpdate is a Linux Update agent with the goal to
provide an efficient and safe way to update
an embedded system. SWUpdate supports local and remote
updates, multiple update strategies and it can
be well integrated in the [Yocto]( build system by adding
the [meta-swupdate]( layer.
an embedded system.
It supports the common media on embedded devices
such as as NOR / NAND flashes, UBI volumes, SD / eMMC, and can
......@@ -15,43 +12,20 @@ procedures.
Pre- and postinstall scripts are supported, and a LUA
interpreter helps to customize the update process.
An update package is described by the sw-description file,
using the libconfig syntax or JSON. It is even possible to
use LUA with a custom syntax.
An update package is described by the sw-description file.
Here a short list of the main features:
- Install on embedded media (eMMC, SD, Raw NAND, NOR and SPI-NOR flashes)
- Allow delivery single image for multiple devices
- Multiple interfaces for getting software
- local storage
- integrated web server
- integrated REST client connector to [hawkBit](
- remote server download
- Software delivered as images, gzipped tarball, etc.
- Allow custom handlers for installing FPGA firmware, microcontroller firmware via custom protocols.
- Power-Off safe
- Hardware / Software compatibility.
This software is licensed under GPL Version 2.0+
Please check inside doc directory for documentation or
the online documentation (generated from doc/) at:
## Submitting patches
You can submit your patches (or post questions reagarding
the project to the swupdate Mailing List:
When creating patches, please use something like:
git format-patch -s <revision range>
Please use 'git send- email' to send the generated patches to the ML
to bypass changes from your mailer.
## Connecting a Rigado Gateway to Rigado DeviceOps:
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