Commit 8a118a4d authored by Mick Michalski's avatar Mick Michalski
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added /etc/gateway.conf

parent b7b236aa
export SURICATTA_TENANT="default"
export SURICATTA_ID="mick-vista-"$(ip addr | grep -o "link/ether\s*[0-9a-f:]*" | grep -o "[0-9a-f:]*$")"-"$(cat /sys/fsl_otp/HW_OCOTP_GP36)
export DEVICE_SETTINGS="/dev/mtd0"
export DEVICE_KERNEL_MAIN="/dev/mtd1"
export DEVICE_KERNEL_ALT="/dev/mtd2"
export DEVICE_FILESYSTEM_MAIN="/dev/mmcblk1p2"
export DEVICE_FILESYSTEM_ALT="/dev/mmcblk1p3"
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