Commit 3c7e8680 authored by David Mondou's avatar David Mondou
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Added debug information for preserve attribute

parent 3a7535b7
......@@ -469,8 +469,9 @@ static void parse_files(parsertype p, void *cfg, struct swupdate_cfg *swcfg)
get_field(p, elem, "installed-directly", &file->install_directly);
get_field(p, elem, "install-if-different", &file->id.install_if_different);
get_field(p, elem, "encrypted", &file->is_encrypted);
TRACE("Found %sFile %s %s: %s --> %s (%s) %s\n",
TRACE("Found %s %s File %s %s: %s --> %s (%s) %s\n",
file->compressed ? "compressed " : "",
file->preserve_attributes ? "perserve" : "no-perserve",
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