Commit ba5cd14a authored by c_rrajiv's avatar c_rrajiv Committed by Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi
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qcacld-2.0: CL 1391829 - update fw common interface files

Add a new threshold for TDLS teardown notification interval

CRs-Fixed: 865207
Change-Id: I06fbe0515015d74503b1ec04aebee503ebdeec4b
parent 820715a6
......@@ -7828,7 +7828,7 @@ typedef struct {
A_UINT32 vdev_id;
/** Enable/Disable TDLS (wmi_tdls_state) */
A_UINT32 state;
/** Duration (in ms) over which to calculate tx threshold and rate values */
/** Duration (in ms) over which to calculate tx/rx threshold to trigger TDLS Discovery */
A_UINT32 notification_interval_ms;
/** number of packets OVER which notify/suggest TDLS Discovery:
* if current tx pps counter / notification interval >= threshold
......@@ -7855,6 +7855,8 @@ typedef struct {
A_UINT32 tdls_puapsd_inactivity_time_ms;
/* Max of rx frame during SP */
A_UINT32 tdls_puapsd_rx_frame_threshold;
/**Duration (in ms) over which to check whether TDLS link needs to be torn down */
A_UINT32 teardown_notification_ms;
} wmi_tdls_set_state_cmd_fixed_param;
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
#define __WMI_VER_MINOR_ 0
/** WMI revision number has to be incremented when there is a
* change that may or may not break compatibility. */
#define __WMI_REVISION_ 164
#define __WMI_REVISION_ 165
/** The Version Namespace should not be normally changed. Only
* host and firmware of the same WMI namespace will work
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