Commit b21a62a9 authored by Naveen Rawat's avatar Naveen Rawat Committed by Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi
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qcacld: reduce log level for repeating log (send beacon template)

Every time beacon template or probe response template is update
a repeating message was marked LOGA. This means it will be printed
irrespective of log level requested by used. Changed that to LOGI

Change-Id: I6ef30e30549b9d439f8c75bc7262444f1b82f3ef
CRs-Fixed:  762275
parent 74adbc06
......@@ -14685,7 +14685,7 @@ static void wma_send_beacon(tp_wma_handle wma, tpSendbeaconParams bcn_info)
if (WMI_SERVICE_IS_ENABLED(wma->wmi_service_bitmap,
WMA_LOGA("Beacon Offload Enabled Sending Unified command");
WMA_LOGI("Beacon Offload Enabled Sending Unified command");
if (wmi_unified_bcn_tmpl_send(wma, vdev_id, bcn_info, 4) < 0){
WMA_LOGE("%s : wmi_unified_bcn_tmpl_send Failed ", __func__);
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