Commit a42360dd authored by c_rrajiv's avatar c_rrajiv Committed by Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi
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qcacld-2.0: CL 1386404 - update fw common interface files


CRs-Fixed: 865207
Change-Id: Ibc4d57b710e889b6ccd1f4b41d953921dceb1be1
parent 987c4a91
......@@ -4273,6 +4273,10 @@ typedef enum {
* protection when a SAP goes off channel in MCC mode */
/** This parameter indicates whether using a broadcast probe response
* to increase the detectability of SAP in MCC mode */
/* Length of ATIM Window in TU */
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
#define __WMI_VER_MINOR_ 0
/** WMI revision number has to be incremented when there is a
* change that may or may not break compatibility. */
#define __WMI_REVISION_ 160
#define __WMI_REVISION_ 161
/** The Version Namespace should not be normally changed. Only
* host and firmware of the same WMI namespace will work
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