Commit 820715a6 authored by c_rrajiv's avatar c_rrajiv Committed by Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi
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qcacld-2.0: CL 1391641 - update fw common interface files

Add RC4 and HMAC info to extended-WOW parameters message

CRs-Fixed: 865207
Change-Id: I872a1e1e8e924bb7118088277204b3101d4292f5
parent 661d157a
......@@ -6709,6 +6709,7 @@ typedef enum extend_wow_type_e {
EXTWOW_TYPE_APP_TYPE1, /* extend wow type: only enable wakeup for app type1 */
EXTWOW_TYPE_APP_TYPE2, /* extend wow type: only enable wakeup for app type2 */
EXTWOW_TYPE_APP_TYPE1_2, /* extend wow type: enable wakeup for app type1&2 */
typedef struct {
......@@ -6754,6 +6755,41 @@ typedef struct {
wmi_mac_addr gateway_mac;
A_UINT32 tcp_tx_timeout_val;
A_UINT32 tcp_rx_timeout_val;
/** add extra parameter for backward-compatible */
* For all byte arrays, natural order is used. E.g.
* rc4_write_sandbox[0] holds the 1st RC4 S-box byte,
* rc4_write_sandbox[1] holds the 2nd RC4 S-box byte, etc.
/* used to encrypt transmit packet such as keep-alive */
A_UINT8 rc4_write_sandbox[256];
A_UINT32 rc4_write_x;
A_UINT32 rc4_write_y;
/* used to decrypt received packet such as wow data */
A_UINT8 rc4_read_sandbox[256];
A_UINT32 rc4_read_x;
A_UINT32 rc4_read_y;
/* used to caculate HMAC hash for transmit packet such as keep-alive */
A_UINT8 ssl_write_seq[8];
A_UINT8 ssl_sha1_write_key[64];
A_UINT32 ssl_sha1_write_key_len;
/* used to calculate HAMC hash for receive packet such as wow data */
A_UINT8 ssl_read_seq[8];
A_UINT8 ssl_sha1_read_key[64];
A_UINT32 ssl_sha1_read_key_len;
/* optional element for specifying TCP options data to include in
* transmit packets such as keep-alive
A_UINT32 tcp_options_len;
A_UINT8 tcp_options[40];
A_UINT32 async_id; /* keep-alive request id */
} wmi_extwow_set_app_type2_params_cmd_fixed_param;
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
#define __WMI_VER_MINOR_ 0
/** WMI revision number has to be incremented when there is a
* change that may or may not break compatibility. */
#define __WMI_REVISION_ 163
#define __WMI_REVISION_ 164
/** The Version Namespace should not be normally changed. Only
* host and firmware of the same WMI namespace will work
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