Commit 4734cdaf authored by Ryan Hsu's avatar Ryan Hsu Committed by Madan Mohan Koyyalamudi
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qcacld-2.0: CL 1376791 - update fw common interface files

This change is to revert CL 1376450 - add RSSI information to
WMI vdev stopped event.

Change-Id: I44a22a0e7435030c55b0b9fb9f2ee5cff9e696dd
CRs-Fixed: 865207
parent 924bb741
......@@ -4365,10 +4365,6 @@ typedef struct {
A_UINT32 tlv_header; /* TLV tag and len; tag equals WMITLV_TAG_STRUC_wmi_vdev_stopped_event_fixed_param */
/** unique id identifying the VDEV, generated by the caller */
A_UINT32 vdev_id;
/** RSSI averaged over recent beacons, units are dB above noise floor
* Only applies to STA vdevs; AP vdevs should fill RSSI as 0x0.
A_UINT32 rssi;
} wmi_vdev_stopped_event_fixed_param;
/** common structure used for simple events (stopped, resume_req, standby response) */
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
#define __WMI_VER_MINOR_ 0
/** WMI revision number has to be incremented when there is a
* change that may or may not break compatibility. */
#define __WMI_REVISION_ 153
#define __WMI_REVISION_ 154
/** The Version Namespace should not be normally changed. Only
* host and firmware of the same WMI namespace will work
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