Commit e7269e32 authored by Øyvind Harboe's avatar Øyvind Harboe
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stm32f2xxx: comments about frequency choice

parent f44bde23
jimtcl @ 60dfb023
Subproject commit 411e92fea9621630eb350e0c2bb43543e553b84f
Subproject commit 60dfb023c4afa95047e0fa8db49830ccb46446b2
......@@ -21,6 +21,11 @@ if { [info exists WORKAREASIZE] } {
# JTAG speed should be <= F_CPU/6. F_CPU after reset is 8MHz, so use F_JTAG = 1MHz
# Since we may be running of an RC oscilator, we crank down the speed a
# bit more to be on the safe side. Perhaps superstition, but if are
# running off a crystal, we can run closer to the limit. Note
# that there can be a pretty wide band where things are more or less stable.
jtag_khz 1000
jtag_nsrst_delay 100
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