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This layer adds packages to the Vesta developer image that may be helpful to
customers writing applications that interact with NXP's Thread border router
code running on the 300R's R41Z module.
This layer should be used in conjunction with the meta-volansys-gw layer,
since that layer contains additional components that are needed for
interacting with the NXP boarder router code.
At the current time, the packages specified in the recipes-volansys section of
this layer are not included in the build, as the Volansys demo does not
currently work on Rigado gateways, due to registration issues (the demo
requires a valid Volansys Modular Gateway serial number and QR symbol), and
incompatibility with the bluez5 version used by Rigado's gateway. However,
source code that is present in components such as ThreadControl may server
as useful models for those writing their own code interacting with NXP's
Thread boarder router firmware.
To use the meta-volansys-gw and meta-volansys-gw-demo layers:
1) In your vesta-gateway-bsp/sources directory, run:
git clone
git clone
2) Add the following lines to your vesta-gateway-bsp/build/conf/bblayers.conf
${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-volansys-gw \
${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-volansys-gw-demo \
3) Add the following line to the vesta-gateway-bsp/sources/meta-vesta/
recipes-vesta/images/ file's
IMAGE_INSTALL_append variable:
packagegroup-volansys-gw \
4) from vesta-gateway-bsp, run the command:
MACHINE=vesta-300 DISTRO=poky source setup-environment build
5) Run the command:
bitbake vesta-image-developer
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