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  • boron-v5.0.1
    30ec5f25 · Update readme.rst ·
    Release boron-v5.0.1

    Vesta Gateway Board Support Package Boron v5.0.1 release

    • Added support for the Vesta-500 board which uses the imx6ull processor and QCA9377 wifi module.
    • Updated to U-boot 2016.03
    • Added BMD345 support. (Vesta-500 boards only)
    • Combined Vesta-200, 300 and 500 into a single vesta-general machine configuration.
    • Modified Yocto Linux kernel recipe to combine zImage and required dtb files into a tar ball.
    • Changes were made to U-boot recipe to combine sd and qspi version of U-boots to a tar ball.
    • File system scripts were added to generate hostname from eFuses for Vesta-500 board.
    • Qualcomm qca9377 driver was ported to 4.1.44 kernel. (Vesta-500 boards only)
    • File system script added to detect the board type dynamically and load the appropriate WiFi drive.
    • U-boot source code has been modified to detect board id from eFuses dynamically at run time and logic has been modified to take care of all board versions on the fly.
    • Added PL2303 USB support in kernel.
    • Security fixes
      • openssl patched
      • curl updated to 7.61
      • ntp updated to 4.2.8p11
  • beryllium-4.0.0   Beryllium v4.0.0 Release
    Release beryllium-4.0.0

    Vesta Gateway Board Support Package Beryllium v4.0.0 release

    • Upgraded to Yocto v2.2.3

    • Upgraded to Linux kernel 4.1-2.0.x

    • Upgraded to curl v7.54.1

    • Upgraded to dnsmasq v2.78

    • Upgraded to bluez5 v5.47

    • Upgraded to rigtools v2.5.0

      • Feature - persistent logging for dgua
      • Feature - if send status fails, dgua service will resend message 3 times at 1 minute intervals
      • Feature - acknowledge all pending cancellations when using dgua -u or dgua -q
      • Feature - send os-version, Kernel version and board type to Rigado DeviceOps
      • Bugfix - Keep track of last action id and status until reported successfully
    • Added - Linux kernel driver support for QCA-9377

    • Added - Linux kernel driver support for EC21 cellular modem (USB)

    • Added - device tree overlay for Verizon cellular modem card

    • Added - Linux kernel support for 6LoWPAN and 802.15.4 protocol

    • Added - New Rigado Gateway Vesta-400 board

    • Enabled - Hardware floating point WARNING This requires all applications to be recompiled with hardware floating point flags

    • Applied the following security patches to curl:

      • CVE-2017-1000099.patch
      • CVE-2017-1000100.patch
      • CVE-2017-1000101.patch
      • CVE-2017-1000254.patch
  • lithium-3.2.0   Lithium 3.2.0 Release
    Release lithium-3.2.0
    • Added Rigado Dev-Kit

    • Added hostname to /etc/hosts

    • Added zephyr-mode (On/Off scripts)

    • Added zephyr-mode will execute on first boot

    • Added Git Tools - Submodules

    • Upgraded hostapd and wpa_supplicant from 2.5 to 2.6

    • Upgraded to zephyr v1.9.1

    • Applied Security fix key-replay-cve-multiple.patch to hostapd and wpa_supplicant

    • Bugfix: rigtools 2.2.0 - send correct action id after an update

    • Bugix: NXP Thread demo fix - remove static MAC address

  • lithium-3.1.0   Lithium 3.1.0 Release
    ac103a28 · Lithium 3.1.0 ·
    Release lithium-3.1.0
    • Added git v2.9.3 to vesta-image-developer
    • Updated to zephyr v1.9
    • Enabled HCI for both Bluetooth devices on the Vesta-200 and Vesta-300
  • helium-2.1.1   Helium v2.1.1 Release
    Release helium-2.1.1
    • Added patches to bluez to protect against bluebourne attacks.
    • Added patches to Linux Kernel to protect against bluebourne attacks.
  • lithium-3.0.1   Lithium 3.0.1 Release
    e270e464 · Update README.rst ·
    Release lithium-3.0.1
    • Added patches to bluez to protect against bluebourne attacks.
    • Added patches to Linux Kernel to protect against bluebourne attacks.
  • lithium-3.0 protected   Lithium 3.0 release
    421b761d · Update commit ids ·
    Release lithium-3.0
    • Added OpenOCD 0.10.0
    • Added OpenOCD support for R41Z and BMD-300 modules
    • Added Zephyr 1.8 binary for BMD-300 module
    • Added nRF52 13.1.0 and softdevice 4.02 binaries for BMD-300 module
    • Added bmd300_program.sh script for general programing of BMD-300 using OpenOCD
    • Added r41z_program.sh script for general programing of R41Z using OpenOCD
    • Added bmd300_program_zephyr.sh script to program BMD-300 with Zephyr binary
    • Added bmd300_program_nRF52_PCBLE.sh script to program BMD-300 with PCBLE binaries
    • Added paho-mqtt 3.1
    • Added IOT Gateway Setup feature to allow setup of WiFi using the Gateway as an access point
    • Added NXP Thread Demo
    --Note: In order to activate and utilize the NXP Thread Demo, you will need a custom serial number
            and QR code from Rigado directly
    • Upgraded to dgua 2.1.1 to report http error response codes > 400

    • Upgraded to BlueZ 5.45

    • Bugfix: Enabled hardware random number generator

    fixes: Linux stalling for 2 minutes during boot if wlan0 is set to start automatically

    * Bugfix: Disabled power management on QCA6234 at startup

    fixes: Long delays in WiFi transmissions

  • he-2.0-sc
    Release he-2.0-sc

    This is the Helium 2.0 Minimal Steelcase image.

    Commit SHA: 8d5fa324

    SHA256 Checksum:

    93d287b1b0407198fea1e075e823b69242e705073ebd9f029f9e2ed3c5c40fef  vesta-image-minimal-sc-he-2.0-SC.swu

    Included Software/Version:

    avahi-daemon armv7ve-neon 0.6.32
    base-files vesta_nor 3.0.14
    base-passwd armv7ve-neon 3.5.29
    bash armv7ve-neon 4.3.30
    busybox armv7ve-neon 1.24.1
    busybox-hwclock armv7ve-neon 1.24.1
    busybox-udhcpc armv7ve-neon 1.24.1
    ca-certificates all 20160104
    dbus-1 armv7ve-neon 1.10.10
    e2fsprogs armv7ve-neon 1.43
    e2fsprogs-badblocks armv7ve-neon 1.43
    e2fsprogs-e2fsck armv7ve-neon 1.43
    e2fsprogs-mke2fs armv7ve-neon 1.43
    eudev armv7ve-neon 3.2
    i2c-tools armv7ve-neon 3.1.2
    init-ifupdown armv7ve-neon 1.0
    initscripts armv7ve-neon 1.0
    initscripts-functions armv7ve-neon 1.0
    kernel-4.1.29+g7aaa37e vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-ath6kl-sdio vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-binfmt-misc vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-cdc-acm vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-configfs vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-crc-ccitt vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-crc-itu-t vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-crc7 vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-dmatest vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-ftdi-sio vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-g-ether vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-g-mass-storage vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-g-ncm vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-g-serial vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-g-zero vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-gadgetfs vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-i2c-algo-pca vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-i2c-algo-pcf vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-imx-rpmsg-pingpong vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-imx-rpmsg-tty vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-isofs vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-libcomposite vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-libcrc32c vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-msdos vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-nls-iso8859-15 vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-option vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-tcrypt vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-u-ether vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-u-serial vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-udf vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-usb-f-acm vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-usb-f-ecm vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-usb-f-ecm-subset vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-usb-f-eem vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-usb-f-fs vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-usb-f-mass-storage vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-usb-f-ncm vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-usb-f-obex vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-usb-f-rndis vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-usb-f-serial vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-usb-f-ss-lb vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-usb-wwan vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-module-usbserial vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    kernel-modules vesta_nor 4.1+1.04.1+1.0+git0+7aaa37ed45
    libarchive armv7ve-neon 3.2.2
    libavahi-common3 armv7ve-neon 0.6.32
    libavahi-core7 armv7ve-neon 0.6.32
    libblkid1 armv7ve-neon 2.28.1
    libbz2-1 armv7ve-neon 1.0.6
    libc6 armv7ve-neon 2.24
    libcap2 armv7ve-neon 2.25
    libcom-err2 armv7ve-neon 1.43
    libconfig armv7ve-neon 1.5
    libcrypto1.0.0 armv7ve-neon 1.0.2j
    libcurl4 armv7ve-neon 7.50.1
    libdaemon0 armv7ve-neon 0.14
    libdbus-1-3 armv7ve-neon 1.10.10
    libe2p2 armv7ve-neon 1.43
    libestr0 armv7ve-neon 0.1.10
    libexpat1 armv7ve-neon 2.2.0
    libext2fs2 armv7ve-neon 1.43
    libfastjson4 armv7ve-neon 0.99.4
    libgcc1 armv7ve-neon 6.2.0
    libgcrypt armv7ve-neon 1.7.3
    libgmp10 armv7ve-neon 6.1.1
    libgnutls30 armv7ve-neon 3.5.3
    libgpg-error0 armv7ve-neon 1.24
    libidn11 armv7ve-neon 1.33
    libjson-c2 armv7ve-neon 0.12
    libkmod2 armv7ve-neon 23+git0+65a885df5f
    liblogging armv7ve-neon 1.0.5
    libnss-mdns armv7ve-neon 0.10
    libpopt0 armv7ve-neon 1.16
    librelp0 armv7ve-neon 1.2.12
    libss2 armv7ve-neon 1.43
    libssl1.0.0 armv7ve-neon 1.0.2j
    libstdc++6 armv7ve-neon 6.2.0
    libtinfo5 armv7ve-neon 6.0+20160625
    libuuid1 armv7ve-neon 2.28.1
    libx11-6 armv7ve-neon 1.6.3
    libxau6 armv7ve-neon 1.0.8
    libxcb1 armv7ve-neon 1.12
    libxdmcp6 armv7ve-neon 1.1.2
    libxml2 armv7ve-neon 2.9.4
    libz1 armv7ve-neon 1.2.8
    logrotate armv7ve-neon 3.9.1
    modutils-initscripts armv7ve-neon 1.0
    mtd-utils armv7ve-neon 1.5.2
    ncurses-terminfo-base armv7ve-neon 6.0+20160625
    netbase armv7ve-neon 5.3
    nettle armv7ve-neon 3.2
    ntp armv7ve-neon 4.2.8p9
    ntp-tickadj armv7ve-neon 4.2.8p9
    openssh armv7ve-neon 7.3p1
    openssh-keygen armv7ve-neon 7.3p1
    openssh-scp armv7ve-neon 7.3p1
    openssh-ssh armv7ve-neon 7.3p1
    openssh-sshd armv7ve-neon 7.3p1
    openssl armv7ve-neon 1.0.2j
    openssl-conf armv7ve-neon 1.0.2j
    os-release all 1.0
    packagegroup-core-boot vesta_nor 1.0
    resolvconf all 1.79
    rigtools armv7ve-neon 1.0
    rng-tools armv7ve-neon 5
    rsyslog armv7ve-neon 8.22.0
    run-postinsts all 1.0
    scripts-vesta vesta_nor 1.0
    shadow armv7ve-neon 4.2.1
    shadow-base armv7ve-neon 4.2.1
    shadow-securetty vesta_nor 4.2.1
    swupdate armv7ve-neon git
    sysvinit armv7ve-neon 2.88dsf
    sysvinit-inittab vesta_nor 2.88dsf
    sysvinit-pidof armv7ve-neon 2.88dsf
    udev-cache armv7ve-neon 3.2
    update-alternatives-opkg armv7ve-neon 0.3.2+git0+3ffece9bf1
    update-rc.d all 0.7
    util-linux-sulogin armv7ve-neon 2.28.1