Commit c9d4987c authored by xibz's avatar xibz Committed by Kevin
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Fixes OSX unsupported key for MTU (#30)

parent 731710e9
......@@ -12,7 +12,12 @@ func (m msg) args() xpc.Dict { return xpc.Dict(m).MustGetDict("kCBMsgArgs") }
func (m msg) advertisementData() xpc.Dict {
return xpc.Dict(m).MustGetDict("kCBMsgArgAdvertisementData")
func (m msg) attMTU() int { return xpc.Dict(m).MustGetInt("kCBMsgArgATTMTU") }
const macOSXDefaultMTU = 23
// Uses GetInt as oppose to MustGetInt due to OSX not supporting 'kCBMsgArgATTMTU'.
// Issue #29
func (m msg) attMTU() int { return xpc.Dict(m).GetInt("kCBMsgArgATTMTU", macOSXDefaultMTU) }
func (m msg) attWrites() xpc.Array { return xpc.Dict(m).MustGetArray("kCBMsgArgATTWrites") }
func (m msg) attributeID() int { return xpc.Dict(m).MustGetInt("kCBMsgArgAttributeID") }
func (m msg) characteristicHandle() int {
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