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......@@ -19,6 +19,11 @@ _Disclaimer: This guide based on A71CH OpenSSL Engine and OpenSSL example script
* [Snapcraft: Slots and plugs](
* [Snapcraft: interface type `content`](
#### OpenSSL Docs
* [Introduction to OpenSSL Engine](
## Components Overview
#### A71CH Host API usage example using A71CH Host API functions
......@@ -96,21 +101,23 @@ Assembled engine files located in the [jrcp_host/lib](jrcp_host/lib) folder.
#### Engine & client configuration
Client configuration via should be via ENV variable `OPENSSL_CONF`.
To use NXP A71CH via OpenSSL you should load OpenSSL Engine. Use the following environment variables to load Engine.
export JRCP_PORT=8050
export OPENSSL_CONF=$SNAP/certs/opensslA71CH.cnf
You can find example of `opensslA71CH.cnf` [here](./opensslA71CH.cnf).
- `JRCP_HOSTNAME` and `JRCP_PORT` link to `rigado-hsm-server` snap. _You can target engine to specific JRCP server_
- `OPENSSL_CONF` env variable used by OpenSSL _You can find example of `opensslA71CH.cnf` [here](./opensslA71CH.cnf)._
- `OPENSSL_CONF` env variable used by OpenSSL
_Note: Some libraries can ignore `OPENSSL_CONF` and skip the loading of the engine. Please validate that your transport first._
You can target engine to specific JRCP server via `JRCP_HOSTNAME` and `JRCP_PORT` env.
The default configuration is:
After configuring OpenSSL Engine we can generate keypair and certificate request. You can find example [here](
[Snaps Host API usage]: images/snaps.png "A71CH Host API Usage via Snaps on Cascade-500"
[A71CH Host API usage]: images/nxp.png "A71CH Host API usage example using A71CH Host API functions"
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