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      Consolidate SoftDevice APIs (#176) · 236d10fc
      Ken A. Redergård authored
      * Consolidate SoftDevice API v2, v3, v5 and v6
      We've had feedback from users telling us that it is not easy to
      know what version of pc-ble-driver to use towards a given SoftDevice
      API version.
      We have also experienced that it is time consuming when maintaining
      the pc-ble-driver project to have separate releases of pc-ble-driver for
      different major versions.
      This commit starts a strategy where we release all
      SoftDevice API versions in every release of pc-ble-driver.
      It also reuse parts of the codecs from the nRF5 SDK for SoftDevice
      API v3 and onwards since parts of those are backwards compatible.
      * Port connectivity firmware build script to cmake (#136, ++)
      New build system for connectivity firmware
      The previous way of building the connectivity firmware was a lot of manual steps supported by Windows .bat files and Cygwin/msys bash scripts.
      The new build system has the following changes:
      - uses a directory structure convention to auto...
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