1. 11 Jul, 2018 4 commits
    • Ken A. Redergård's avatar
      Move reusable test functionality into separate file (#119) · 15a5e753
      Ken A. Redergård authored
      The baud rate and ble_address_to_string_convert is reusable across different tests. Moving functionality to use default platform baudrate and converting BLE address to a header file where it can be reused.
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      Free memory used by exitCriterias (#117) · b4bd96d4
      mathiasap authored
      * Delete exitCriterias objects on h5_transport deconstruct
      * Using unique pointers for exit criterias
    • Ken A. Redergård's avatar
      Support compilation with VS 15 2017 (#118) · 46876ba8
      Ken A. Redergård authored
      Compiling pc-ble-driver with Visual Studio 15 2017 was not possible:
      * The  Microsoft proprietary std::_USE is not defined anymore.
      In VS 15 2017 the C++ Standard Libraryi std::use_facet shall be used.
      There was UTF-8 encoding problem in stdstring.h comments. This is now fixed.
    • Ken A. Redergård's avatar
      Fix H5Transport timeout issues (#116) · 807d64ed
      Ken A. Redergård authored
      * Fix H5Transport timeout issues
      This commit addresses timeout issues that sometimes occur when calling sd_rpc_open.
      The problem is identified to be in the transport layers.
      The issue is addressed by:
          - Improving the state machine in H5Transport and improving UartBoost implementation
          - Requiring latest version of Boost (1.67). This to make sure all fixes in Boost ASIO serialport are included.
      State machine
      The H5Transport is now waiting for the internal state machine to be ready before opening the serial port that sets state machine values.
      The state machine transitions cover more exit criterias and the order of evaluating the exit criterias are improved.
      Two new states are added: STATE_CLOSED and STATE_NO_RESPONSE. 
      The state machine enters STATE_CLOSED when the user close the transport.
      The state machine enters STATE_NO_RESPONSE when the device does not reply on packets sent after n number of retries.
      The new states are used to give a more precise return value from sd_rpc_open.
      toString methods on ExitCriterias based classes are added to simplify
      Integrations tests
      Integration tests for open close functionality has been added for pc-ble-driver, H5Transport and UartBoost.
      The integration tests are implemented with the use of Catch2, a header file library test framework.
      Initially Boost Test Library was used, but since we are considering moving away from Boost, we try not to add more Boost dependencies.
      The old test that tested the Boost serial port implementation is removed.
      Build system
      The Boost library file names made by jam (boost build system) has changed for Windows builds.
      For cmake to find the libraries one need to use a recent version of cmake.
      We have tested it with cmake 3.11 and set it as a requirement.
      Other changes
      * General changes to the source code:
          - Added const-ness where applicable
          - Where applicable, changed pointers to type pointed to or *_ptr
          - Made payload into an alias (from std::vector<uint8_t>)
          - Expose methods and functions to facilitate integration testing
          - Typedefs changes to using
          - Changed callback names to make it clearer if callback was intended for local transport or upper transport
      Branch workflow
      We are now changing the pc-ble-driver git workflow.
      Fixes and improvements that are relevant for all major versions of the driver are fixed in master then cherry picked into the major version branches.
      To get to this state, this commit contains cherry picked commits from different branches.
      Here is a table of cherry picked commits:
      Uart boost fixes:
      H5Transport fixes:
      Spurious wakeup fixes and state machine fixes:
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