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Document macOS (OS X) firmware fix

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......@@ -71,6 +71,18 @@ The serial port will appear as `/dev/ttyACMx`. By default the port is not access
The serial port will appear as `/dev/tty.usbmodemXXXX`.
On macOS (OS X) there is a known issue with the Segger J-Link firmware (that runs on the Debug probe on the board) related to USB packet sizes.
There are two ways to solve this issue:
1. Use the Segger firmware, but disable the Mass Storage Device (MSD) feature. Instructions are available [here](
2. Replace the firmware on the Debug probe with the mbed DAPLink firmware:
..1. Enter bootloader mode by powering off the nRF5 Development Kit and then pressing IF BOOT/RESET while you power on the kit.
..2. Drag and drop the [nrf5x_osx_fix.bin]( file into the BOOTLOADER mass storage device.
If you want to revert back to the Segger firmware you will have to download the it from [this location](
## Building Boost
The Boost static libraries required by this drivers must be built before you can build any of the
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