Commit 68f27a20 authored by Chun Fan's avatar Chun Fan
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Modify ble_gattc.h for pc-ble-driver-cs

parent 5938eb5a
......@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@ typedef struct
uint16_t count; /**< Attribute count. */
uint8_t format; /**< Attribute information format, see @ref BLE_GATTC_ATTR_INFO_FORMAT. */
union {
union ble_gattc_attr_info_union {
ble_gattc_attr_info16_t attr_info16[1]; /**< Attribute information for 16-bit Attribute UUID.
@note This is a variable length array. The size of 1 indicated is only a placeholder for compilation.
See @ref sd_ble_evt_get for more information on how to use event structures with variable length array members. */
......@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@ typedef struct
uint16_t conn_handle; /**< Connection Handle on which event occurred. */
uint16_t gatt_status; /**< GATT status code for the operation, see @ref BLE_GATT_STATUS_CODES. */
uint16_t error_handle; /**< In case of error: The handle causing the error. In all other cases @ref BLE_GATT_HANDLE_INVALID. */
union ble_gattc_evt_union
ble_gattc_evt_prim_srvc_disc_rsp_t prim_srvc_disc_rsp; /**< Primary Service Discovery Response Event Parameters. */
ble_gattc_evt_rel_disc_rsp_t rel_disc_rsp; /**< Relationship Discovery Response Event Parameters. */
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