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h5 timing

parent b5179ef9
......@@ -74,9 +74,9 @@ const uint8_t PACKET_RETRANSMISSIONS =
// Other constants
// Duration to wait for state ACTIVE after open is called
const auto OPEN_WAIT_TIMEOUT = std::chrono::milliseconds(2000);
const auto OPEN_WAIT_TIMEOUT = std::chrono::milliseconds(4000);
// Duration to wait before continuing UART communication after reset is sent to target
const auto RESET_WAIT_DURATION = std::chrono::milliseconds(300);
const auto RESET_WAIT_DURATION = std::chrono::milliseconds(600);
#pragma region Public methods
H5Transport::H5Transport(Transport *_nextTransportLayer, const uint32_t retransmission_interval)
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