Commit 0db79ff6 authored by Bjørn Inge Hanssen's avatar Bjørn Inge Hanssen
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Use correct config_tag when calling adv_start

The example was using the default cfg_tag when calling adv_start, instead of the cfg_tag that was used together with cfg_set. This made att_mtu_exchange_reply fail since the connection was not configured with sufficiently large att_mtu.
parent 51734a3b
......@@ -398,7 +398,7 @@ static uint32_t advertising_start()
#if NRF_SD_BLE_API <= 3
error_code = sd_ble_gap_adv_start(m_adapter, &adv_params);
error_code = sd_ble_gap_adv_start(m_adapter, &adv_params, BLE_CONN_CFG_TAG_DEFAULT);
error_code = sd_ble_gap_adv_start(m_adapter, &adv_params, m_config_id);
if (error_code != NRF_SUCCESS)
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