Commit 0bfcc692 authored by Bjørn Inge Hanssen's avatar Bjørn Inge Hanssen
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Add missing handling of keyset

Using implementation from SDK unchanged instead
parent 94e7cc38
......@@ -199,13 +199,10 @@ uint32_t ble_gap_evt_lesc_dhkey_request_dec(uint8_t const * const p_buf,
// keyset is an extension of standard event data - used to synchronize keys at application
//TODO: Add proper impl for keyset
//ser_ble_gap_app_keyset_t *keyset;
uint32_t keyset_index;
err_code = app_ble_gap_sec_context_find(p_event->evt.gap_evt.conn_handle, &keyset_index);
uint32_t conn_index;
err_code = app_ble_gap_sec_context_find(p_event->evt.gap_evt.conn_handle, &conn_index);
SER_ASSERT(err_code == NRF_SUCCESS, err_code);
//p_event->evt.gap_evt.params.lesc_dhkey_request.p_pk_peer = keyset->keyset.keys_peer.p_pk;
ser_ble_gap_app_keyset_t keyset = {0};
p_event->evt.gap_evt.params.lesc_dhkey_request.p_pk_peer = m_app_keys_table[conn_index].keyset.keys_peer.p_pk;
SER_PULL_COND(&p_event->evt.gap_evt.params.lesc_dhkey_request.p_pk_peer, ble_gap_lesc_p256_pk_t_dec);
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