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......@@ -84,6 +84,15 @@ There are two ways to solve this issue:
If you want to revert back to the Segger firmware you will have to download the it from [this location](
## Compiling the connectivity .hex files
* Download and unzip ``
* Apply patch `hex/SD20_SDK11.patch` from the unzipped SDK folder (e.g. `git apply -p1 --ignore-whitespace /repos/pc-ble-driver/hex/SD20_SDK11.patch`)
* Open `<sdk>/examples/ble_central_and_peripheral/ble_connectivity/pca100XX/ser_s13X_hci` project in the compiler of choice
* Compile
* Merge the built connectivity hex file with corresponding SoftDevice hex file (e.g. `mergehex -m connecitivy.hex softdevice.hex -o connectivity_with_softdevice.hex`)
## Building Boost
The Boost static libraries required by this drivers must be built before you can build any of the
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