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......@@ -16,3 +16,24 @@ You need:
Then do this:
- `$ cd examples/ble_central_and_peripheral/ble_connectivity/pca10040/ser_s132_hci/armgcc/`
- `$ make`
# Testing
You could build the pc-ble-driver examples and run them, or...
- Install nRF Connect (
- Clone to `$HOME/.nrfconnect-apps/local`
- `cd $HOME/.nrfconnect-apps/local`
- `git checkout v2.1.0` (other versions may work, but the latest 2.6.0 did not)
- `npm install`
- `npm run dev` this will show some hashes then appear to do nothing, leave it alone.
- Open nRF Connect app, and open "Bluetooth Low Energy - local, v2.1.0" from "Launch App"
- Do not update the firmware on the device to the latest when prompted
- Verify BLE functionality
- Scan for BLE advertisements
- Connect a BLE device
- Write data to a characteristic
- Read data from a characteristic
- Enable notifications on a characteristic and rx them
- Enable raw motion sensor data
- Perform an OTA update of a BLE device (a thingy52 is handy for this)
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