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DeviceOps Hello World
Example of snapped Node.js application for communications with Nordic Thingy:52.
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Example of snapped Node.js application for communications with [Nordic Thingy:52](
The application is daemon which discovers Nordic Thingy:52 and resends data to MQTT Broker according to the [config file](./config.json).
## Configuration
Configuration file: [./config.json](./config.json)
* `ble` - section store configuration related with Bluetooth
* `ble.deviceMac` - string can be `"*"` and connects to any available Nordic Thingy:52 or `"CF:AA:13:A1:5C:A5"` and connects to particular device
* `mqtt` - configuration of connection to MQTT Broker
* `mqtt.topic` - can contain placeholder `{hostname}` which will be replaced by gateway hostname on application startup
## Prerequisites
Make sure you have [Node.js]( (>=6.11.4) installed.
This application is using [Nordic-Thingy52-Nodejs]( to handle the Bluetooth connection.
#### Linux
* Kernel version 3.6 or above
* ```libbluetooth-dev```
#### Ubuntu/Debian/Raspbian (locally)
sudo apt-get install bluetooth bluez libbluetooth-dev libudev-dev
## Running locally
git clone
cd deviceops-hello-world
git checkout develop
npm install
npm run start
## Building snap
#### RPI3 Ubuntu Core 16.04 (armhf)
* Setup [development tools]( (snap classic)
* ```sh
snap install classic --edge --devmode
sudo classic
sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapcraft build-essential git```
* Install [BlueZ](
* ```sh
snap install bluez
snap connect bluez:bluetooth-control```
* Go to the project directory run: ```snapcraft```
* Result file is `./deviceops-hello-world_0.0.1_armhf.snap`
## Installing snap
#### Rigado VESTA200B Ubuntu Core 16.04 (armhf)
* Setup edge packages:
snap install rigado-edge-connect --edge --devmode
snap connect rigado-edge-connect:bluetooth-control
snap connect rigado-edge-connect:physical-memory-control
* Install [BlueZ](
snap install bluez
* Copy `./deviceops-hello-world_0.0.1_armhf.snap` in to the gateway home directory.
* Run install command: `sudo snap install ~/deviceops-hello-world_0.0.1_armhf.snap --devmode --dangerous`
## Troubleshoot
#### HCI Devices list is empty
* `sudo bluez.hcitool dev` show empty list of devices.
* `dmesg | grep blue` show:
[ 1447.938933] audit: type=1400 audit(1522961095.899:76): apparmor="DENIED" operation="create" profile="snap.bluez.hcicofig" pid=4254 family="bluetooth" sock_type="raw" protocol=1 requested_mask="create" denied_mask="create"
* Reinstall [BlueZ]( with `--devmode` flag:
snap install bluez --devmode
snap connect bluez:bluetooth-control
* Enable HCI devices:
sudo bluez.bluetoothctl
power on
scan on
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- libudev-dev
- libbluetooth-dev
- python
- g++
- make
- bluez
......@@ -23,6 +25,4 @@ apps:
- home
- network
- bluez
- bluetooth-control
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