Commit 9de5b16c authored by Vladimir Kiryakov's avatar Vladimir Kiryakov
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connected/disconnected statuses text change

parent f2e81019
......@@ -54,10 +54,17 @@ const Step = styled.div`
const Status = ({className, gatewayConnected, deviceConnected}) => {
gatewayConnected = gatewayConnected || deviceConnected;
return (
<div className={classNames('text-muted', className)}>
<Step><label>Gateway connected</label><StepIndicator active={gatewayConnected || deviceConnected}/></Step>
<Step><label>Device connected</label>
<label>{gatewayConnected ? 'Gateway connected' : 'Gateway disconnected'}</label>
<StepIndicator active={gatewayConnected}/>
<label>{deviceConnected ? 'Device connected' : 'Device disconnected'}</label>
<Line active={deviceConnected}/>
<StepIndicator active={deviceConnected}/>
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